The Making of Juice series takes the viewer behind the scenes of the European space industry, space technology and planetary science communities around ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) mission.

Juice has a state-of-the-art science payload comprising remote sensing, geophysical and in situ instruments. This episode focuses on the geophysics instruments, which will explore the moons’ surface and subsurface, probe the atmospheres of Jupiter and its moons, and measure their gravity fields.

The GAnymede Laser Altimeter (GALA) will study the tidal deformation of Ganymede and the topography of the surfaces of the icy moons. The Radar for Icy Moons Exploration (RIME), is an ice-penetrating radar to study the subsurface structure of the icy moons down to a depth of around nine kilometres. The Gravity & Geophysics of Jupiter and Galilean Moons (3GM), is a radio package that will study the gravity field at Ganymede, the extent of the internal oceans on the icy moons, and the structure of the neutral atmosphere and ionosphere of Jupiter and its moons.

The mission will also carry out a Planetary Radio Interferometer & Doppler Experiment (PRIDE), which will use the standard telecommunication system of the spacecraft, together with radio telescopes on Earth to perform precise measurements of the spacecraft position and velocity to investigate the gravity fields of Jupiter and the icy moons.

The documentary includes interviews with (in order of appearance): Olivier Grasset, Juice interdisciplinary scientist, Luciano Iess, 3GM principal investigator, Hauke Hussmann, GALA principal investigator, Lorenzo Bruzzone, RIME principal investigator, Leonid Gurvits, PRIDE principal investigator.

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Credits: Produced for ESA by Lightcurve Films.