The Making of Juice series takes the viewer behind the scenes of the European space industry, space technology and planetary science communities around ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) mission.

Juice has a state-of-the-art science payload comprising remote sensing, geophysical and in situ instruments. This episode focuses on the remote sensing instruments, which will study the atmosphere of Jupiter and the surfaces and exospheres of the icy moons.

Juice’s camera (JANUS) will image Jupiter’s clouds and geological features on the moons in high resolution. The Moons and Jupiter Imaging Spectrometer (MAJIS) will observe cloud features and atmospheric constituents on Jupiter, and will characterise ices and minerals on the icy moon surfaces. The Sub-millimeter Wave Instrument (SWI), will investigate the temperature structure, composition and dynamics of Jupiter’s atmosphere, and the exospheres and surfaces of the icy moons. A UV imaging spectrograph (UVS) will characterise the composition and dynamics of the exospheres of the icy moons, study the Jovian aurorae, and investigate the composition and structure of the planet’s upper atmosphere.

The documentary includes interviews with (in order of appearance) Leigh Fletcher, Juice interdisciplinary scientist, Cecilia Tubiana, JANUS operation manager, Randy Gladstone, UVS principal investigator, Emma Bunce, J-MAG and UVS co-investigator, Francois Poulet, MAJIS principal investigator, Giuseppe Piccioni, MAJIS co-principal investigator, Paul Hartogh, SWI principal investigator, Miriam Rengel SWI co-investigator.

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Credits: Produced for ESA by Lightcurve Films.