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  • Sulphur dioxide from Tonga eruption spreads over Australia

    Image: The Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai volcano near Tonga in the South Pacific erupted with such force on 15 January that it is thought to be the biggest eruption recorded anywhere on the planet in 30 years.

  • Ready to become a YGT?

    The call for 2022 Young Graduate Trainee opportunities is nearly open! Get ready to apply and prepare your CVs and cover letters ahead of schedule! Find out more about this year's call for applications below.

  • Mega iceberg released 152 billion tonnes of freshwater

    In July 2017, a giant iceberg, named A-68, snapped off Antarctica’s Larsen-C ice shelf and began an epic journey across the Southern Ocean. Three and a half years later, the main part of iceberg, A-68A, drifted worryingly close to South Georgia. Concerns were that the berg would run aground in the shallow waters offshore. This would not only cause damage to the seafloor ecosystem but also make it difficult for island wildlife, such as penguins, to make their way to the sea to feed. Using measurements from satellites, scientists have charted how A-68A shrunk towards the end of its voyage, which fortunately prevented it from getting stuck. However, the downside is that it released a colossal 152 billion tonnes of freshwater close to the island, potentially having a profound effect on the island’s marine life.

  • Wanted: recycling methods to keep astronauts alive

    It took a crop of potatoes to keep Matt Damon alive on the red planet in The Martian. And in future, real life astronauts on the Moon and Mars will have to be gardeners, farmers and expert recyclers as well as explorers. Do you have promising ideas that might help them to get by in space on next to no resources?

  • Watch: Matthias Maurer in-flight call to World Economic Forum

    Join ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer on Thursday, 20 January, in a live call from the International Space Station, from 14:00 GMT/15:00 CET, talking with prominent experts and industry leaders, to explore how space research can improve life on our planet.

  • Crash test dummy

    Image: Crash test dummy

  • ESA Director General's Annual Press Conference

    Video: 01:47:29 Exciting launches to the Moon and to the Red Planet, a second mission to the International Space Station for ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the very first images provided by the James Webb Space Telescope, and a new class of European astronauts: 2022 looks very promising for European space!Watch the replay of our annual press conference with ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher presenting the highlights for 2022. He is joined by ESA Directors and answers questions from journalists.Access the Director General's slides

  • Space science in 360° | Cosmic Kiss

    Video: 00:00:00 Immerse yourself in 360° of science with ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer as he prepares an experiment to examine how human cells behave in weightlessness.The Cytoskeleton experiment is a biological study that aims to determine the changing function of RhoGTPases when in vitro cell cultures are exposed to weightlessness. It will run in the Biolab facility of Europe’s Columbus laboratory.In this video, we see Matthias remove Cytoskeleton cell cultures from the Minus Eighty Lab Freezer ISS (MELFI) and prepare them in the Life Sciences Glovebox (LSG) before installing the experiment in Columbus’s BioLab.Matthias was launched to the International Space Station for his current Cosmic Kiss mission on 11 November 2021. In his approximately six months on board, he will support over 35 European experiments and many more international experiments in orbit.Find out more about Matthias and the science he will support on the ESA Cosmic Kiss mission website.Access the other Cosmic Kiss 360º videos

  • Webb mission page card link

    Webb: seeing farther Webb: seeing farther

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