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  • Week in images: 16-20 May 2022

    Week in images: 16-20 May 2022 Discover our week through the lens

  • Juice spacecraft fully integrated and ready for next testing

    Video: 00:04:49 “ESA’s Juice mission has entered its final phase of development, with the spacecraft moving to an Airbus Defence & Space facility in Toulouse, France, for the next round of testing. The spacecraft has been fully integrated, and these tests will be done in full flight configuration, as Juice is scheduled for launch from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, in April 2023The Juice mission is a perfect example of collaboration between several national space agencies and European industry. Its objective is to explore the gas giant Jupiter, its environment, and three of its moons: Europa, Callisto and Ganymede. By studying this planetary system, ESA hopes to learn more about the icy worlds around Jupiter and the origins and possibility of life in our Universe This report includes interviews of: Manuela Baroni, Juice AIT & Launcher Interface Engineer, ESA (English & Italian) Cyril Cavel, Juice Project Manager, Airbus Defence & Space (English) Access the related broadcast quality material.Download the animation Juice’s journey and Jupiter system tour.

  • Watch live: Living Planet Symposium 2022

    The time has finally come for ESA’s Living Planet Symposium – one of the largest Earth observation conferences in the world. Follow our live streaming all week on ESA Web TV, starting with the Opening Ceremony on Monday 23 May at 09:00 (CEST).

  • Earth from Space: Bonn, Germany

    ESA’s Living Planet Symposium – one of the largest Earth observation conferences in the world – is being held on 23–27 May in Bonn, Germany. Held every three years, the symposium brings together scientists and researchers, as well as industry and users of Earth observation data, from all over the world to present and discuss the latest findings on Earth science.

  • Volunteers watching the skies

    Image: Volunteers watching the skies

  • A dazzling Hubble collection of supernova host galaxies

    Image: A dazzling Hubble collection of supernova host galaxies

  • Space agencies provide global view of our changing environment

    International collaboration among space agencies is central to the success of satellite Earth observation and data analysis. ESA, NASA and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) have continued their joined effort to develop a storytelling dashboard that combines their resources and expertise to strengthen our global understanding of the changing environment and its economic effects.

  • Solar Orbiter’s first close encounter

    Video: 00:04:30 On 26 March and enduring temperatures of some 500 degrees Celsius from within the orbit of planet Mercury, Solar Orbiter returned spectacular imagery of the Sun during its first close encounter with our home star. Detailed new movies show activity in the solar atmosphere and reveal a variety of features, including something scientists are nicknaming ‘the hedgehog’ with spikes of hot gas reaching out in all directions. Solar Orbiter’s ten science instruments are now all working together for the first time. Some are looking at the Sun while others are simultaneously measuring the environment around the spacecraft, enabling scientists to join the dots from what they see happening at the Sun, to what Solar Orbiter ‘feels’ at its location in the solar wind millions of kilometres away. In the weeks around the close approach Solar Orbiter also observed several flares and even a coronal mass ejection, providing a taste of space weather forecasting at Earth.Scientists across Europe – and ESA’s partners around the world – are now working to interpret the vast amount of information Solar Orbiter is sending back that promises to transform our understanding of our nearest star.Solar Orbiter is a space mission of international collaboration between ESA and NASA.  This report includes interviews with:- David Berghmans, EUI Principal Investigator- Daniel Müller, Solar Orbiter Project Scientist, ESA- Anik De Groof, Instrument Operations Scientist, ESA

  • Webb mission page card link

    Webb: seeing farther Webb: seeing farther

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