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Solar Jet Hunter is Back, with New Data and New Features!

A solar jet extending from the Sun. Join the re-launched Solar Jet Hunter Project and chase these incredible outbursts!
Credit: Image data: NASA SDO/AIA

NASA’s Solar Jet Hunter project invites you to help find solar jets, ejections of matter from the Sun. The project was on hold for a few months as the science team worked behind the scenes. It’s re-launching now with new data from NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory and new features! 

“The project has been really successful in finding solar jets.” said project PI Dr. Sophie Musset from the European Space Agency. “But we need more help!”

The project team has set up two workflows, or tasks, that need your help.  You’ll find them on the new project webpage — one or both may be active. “Jet or Not”, is a workflow that asks you to find jets, and “Box the Jets” is a workflow where you annotate movies of the Sun and draw boxes around jets that you spot.

With your input, the Solar Jet Hunter science team is building a catalogue of jets that will be used by many solar physicists. Check the blog regularly for news on the science that your work enables—and join the hunt for solar jets at https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/sophiemu/solar-jet-hunter !

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Last Updated
Nov 09, 2023