NASA offers its unique capabilities and resources for use by commercial industries, academic institutions, U.S. Government agencies and international entities. Many NASA partnerships are attributable to direct communication between the potential partner and a NASA Center and are not derived from a formal Partnership Announcement. Therefore, the Partnership Announcements listed below are not inclusive of all partnership opportunities at NASA

In the majority of cases, equal access to NASA resources is provided through non-exclusive arrange­ments where NASA may enter into similar agreements for the same or similar purpose with other private or public entities.

In addition to responding to Partnership Announcements, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in partnering with NASA or have a partnership idea.

To learn more about NASA’s capabilities, please refer to the NASA Centers/Facilities and Capabilities.

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Partnership Announcements

RFI – Concepts for Operation and Utilization of Launch Complex 48 (LC-48)

Research Opportunities for International Space Station (ISS) Utilization NRA

Partnering with NASA STEM Engagement

For a complete list of the Partnership Announcements, please consult the page.

Capabilities Sought through Crowd Sourcing and Prize Competitions