ESA’s newly selected astronaut candidates of the class of 2022 arrived at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany, on 3 April 2023 to begin their 12-month basic training.

The group of five candidates, Sophie Adenot, Pablo Álvarez Fernández, Rosemary Coogan, Raphaël Liégeois, and Marco Sieber, are part of the 17-member astronaut class of 2022, selected from 22 500 applicants from across ESA Member States in November 2022.

The astronaut candidates will be trained to the highest level of standards in preparation for future space missions. During basic training, this includes learning all about space exploration, technical and scientific disciplines, space systems and operations, as well as spacewalk and survival training.

This image shows the candidates on their first day at the European Astronaut Centre, alongside ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, Australian Space Agency astronaut candidate Katherine Bennell-Pegg and ESA’s Head of Basic and Mission Training Unit Kris Capelle. They are pictured inside the European Columbus module mock-up located in the training hall of the European Astronaut Centre.