Membership to H.B.A.A.S – Herne Bay Amateur Astronomical Society is and will always be free!

The only time we would appreciate a donation is for providing refreshments at our meetings.

Anyone can be a member, but children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at meetings and at our dark site.

There are a few simple rules to adhere to when at the dark site:

  • NO Smoking on the site (due to the site being an old tip – methane risk)
  • NO Bright lights other than red night lights
  • Try to keep noise down to an acceptable level
  • Enjoy yourself!

We don’t loan equipment out to members. It is always ready for any member to use during an observing session.

For information regarding membership to our society, please email us at:

Feel free to request joining our Facebook group and following us on Twitter. Links in menu at the top of the page.