ISS Frequencies

Amateur Radio Frequencies (Note: Only one mode active at a time)

FM VOICE for ITU Region 1: Europe-Middle East-Africa-North Asia

Downlink 145.800
Uplink 145.200

FM VOICE for ITU Region 2&3: North and South America-Caribbean-Greenland-Australia-South Asia

Downlink 145.800
Uplink 144.490

FM U/v VOICE Repeater (Worldwide)

Downlink 145.800
Uplink 437.800

FM V/u with PL VOICE Repeater (Worldwide)

Downlink 437.800
Uplink 145.990 with 67.0 PL

FM L/v VOICE Repeater (Worldwide)

Downlink 145.800
Uplink 1269.650

AX.25 1200 Bd AFSK Packet Radio (Worldwide)

Downlink 145.825
Uplink 145.825

FM SSTV downlink (Worldwide)

Downlink 145.800

UHF Simplex (rarely used)

Downlink 437.550
Uplink 437.550

Other Frequencies

121.125 FM RS EVA from Orlan suit [Credit N5VHO]

121.75 FM Downlink from Soyuz-TM (voice). RS EVA from Orlan suit. Soyuz VHF-2. Progress Telemetry. [Credit N5VHO]

130.167 AM VHF-2 Downlink from Zarya (Service Module). RS EVA to Orlan suits [Credit N5VHO]

143.625 FM VHF-1 downlink. Main Russian communications channel. Often active over Moskow. You can hear air to ground conversations in Russian. Sometimes English when US crews talk to their NASA representative in Star City. [Credit IZ6BYY]

166.000 AM Soyuz-TM and Progress M-1 telemetry

632.000 634.000 AM Zarya telemetry

628.000 630.000 AM Zvezda telemetry

922.76 CW Soyuz-TM and Progress M1 beacon

2265.0 Digital Telementry Downlink

15003.4 Digital Data downlink