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Glenn “Stars” Showcase Research and Technology

Presenters highlight Glenn’s technology and missions during the annual Evening With the Stars event.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

NASA’s Glenn Research Center’s “An Evening With the Stars,” held Aug. 29 at Windows on the River near Cleveland’s historic waterfront, showcased research and technology innovations that addressed this year’s theme, “NASA Glenn Now – NASA Glenn Forever.”   

 The event, which attracted sponsors and guests from more than 50 companies, universities, and organizations, featured opening remarks by NASA Associate Administrator Bob Cabana, NASA Glenn Center Director Dr. Jimmy Kenyon, and Ohio Aerospace Institute President John Sankovic. 

Glenn Center Director Dr. Jimmy Kenyon introduces the speakers.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

Kenyon then introduced the presenters – NASA’s stars of the evening – and their topics. 

Carlos Flores, chief of the Strategic Planning Branch for Facilities and Infrastructure, shared details on Glenn’s Facilities Master Plan. This plan ensures the center possesses the facilities and capabilities to meet future mission requirements while maintaining the agency’s critical infrastructure.   

Carlos Flores details Glenn’s Facilities Master Plan.
Credit: NASA/Sara Lowthian-Hanna

Dr.Rickey Shyne, director of Research and Engineering, highlighted some of Glenn’s current and future technologies. Shyne leads and manages all research and development competencies in propulsion, communications, power, and materials and structures for extreme environments in support of NASA’s aeronautics and space missions.   

Dr. Rickey Shyne highlights some of Glenn’s current and future technologies.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

Three early – career employees shared their personal journeys to NASA and how they’re contributing to the agency’s current and future missions.

Dr. Jamesa Stokes explained how she’s using materials science and engineering to protect human life and flight vehicles on Earth and in space.   

Dr. Jamesa Stokes explains how materials science and engineering can protect human life and flight vehicles.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

Gretchen Morales-Valles highlighted the history of Glenn’s Icing Research Tunnel and how its research will pave the way for the future of flight.   

Gretchen Morales-Valles highlights the history of Glenn’s Icing Research Tunnel.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

Darcy DeAngelis outlined how – through system safety – NASA controls and mitigates risks to ensure astronauts return home safely.  

Darcy DeAngelis outlines how NASA controls and mitigates risks for astronauts.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

In closing, Kenyon affirmed NASA’s readiness in returning to the Moon with Artemis, our commitment to changing the way we fly here on Earth, and how Ohio is making our exciting missions possible.