The Incredible ASIM: Distant galaxy edition

The Atmosphere–Space Interactions Monitor, or ASIM for short, is a first-of-its-kind complement of instruments on the International Space Station. Dubbed the ‘space storm hunter’, ASIM measures electric events in Earth’s upper atmosphere with cameras, photometers and X- and gamma-ray detectors. 

Live demonstration for cyber resilience

Modern society is growing ever-more reliant on services and data delivered via space. Cyber threats and disruptions to satellites are increasingly dangerous to citizens and economies, and it is vital to protect them and the crucial work they do. This is why ESA is supporting Swiss-based security firm Cysec in organising Europe’s first live cybersecurity demonstration for […]

Preview 2022

Video: 00:06:30 As always, a new year brings new and exciting missions and launches for ESA. In science the world looks forward to the first image releases of the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope and the third data release for Gaia, both teaching us more about our galaxy and Universe. ESA’s new Mars rover will be launched with […]

Ride into space on Vega-C secured for FLEX and Altius

A contract signed with Arianespace secures the joint launch for two satellites that will further knowledge of our home planet. Scheduled to lift off on a new class of rocket, ESA’s Vega-C, from Europe’s Spaceport in mid-2025, FLEX will yield new information about the health of the world’s plants and Altius will deliver profiles of […]

Cheops reveals a rugby ball-shaped exoplanet

ESA’s exoplanet mission Cheops has revealed that an exoplanet orbiting its host star within a day has a deformed shape more like that of a rugby ball than a sphere. This is the first time that the deformation of an exoplanet has been detected, offering new insights into the internal structure of these star-hugging planets.

Astrobee robots in 360° | Cosmic Kiss

Video: 00:02:16 Join ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer inside Kibo, the Japanese laboratory module of the International Space Station in 360°, setting up Astrobee robotic free-flyers for the ReSWARM experiment, short for RElative Satellite sWArming and Robotic Maneuvering. The robotics demonstration tests autonomous microgravity motion planning and control for on-orbit assembly and coordinated motion. Thus, this […]

Webb on Ariane 5 poised for launch

Image: The James Webb Space Telescope is safely stowed inside the fairing of ESA’s Ariane 5 launch vehicle, which is now on the launch pad undergoing final checks and fuelling for a targeted liftoff at 12:20 GMT / 13:20 CET on 25 December from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Webb will be the largest, most powerful telescope ever […]